Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs

At Capital Alloys, we are skilled in Diamond Cut Alloy Repair, a service that not only restores your wheels but elevates their aesthetic to a showroom finish.

Why Opt for Diamond Cut Alloys?

Diamond cut alloys are renowned for their distinctive shiny finish with a bare metal look that sets them apart from standard painted wheels. However, due to their unique finish, they require specialized care and repair to maintain their pristine condition. 

Why Choose Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs?

Diamond cutting is a precise process that involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel’s surface using specialized machinery, revealing a high-shine finish beneath. This technique is ideal for enhancing the appearance of your wheels.  Often the preferred choice for high-performance and luxury vehicles due to its distinctive, clean look.

Our Diamond Cut Alloy Repair services are tailored to address wear, curb damage, and corrosion, restoring your wheels to their original, eye-catching appearance.

The Advantages of Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs

  • Precision and Quality: Our process ensures each wheel is machined to perfection with unmatched accuracy.
  • Enhanced Durability: Each repaired wheel receives a protective coating to guard against future wear and corrosion.
  • Visual Enhancement: Restores wheels to their original, eye-catching appearance, boosting your vehicle’s overall aesthetics.
  • Customisation: While diamond cuts typically showcase the metal’s natural brilliance, customisation options are available to fit your unique style.

Our Diamond Cut Alloy Repair Process

  • Wheel Inspection: Every wheel is meticulously inspected to identify the extent of damage and the best course of repair.
  • Precision Machining: We employ technology to precisely cut the thin top layer, removing any scratches or imperfections.
  • Protective Finishing: After machining, a protective lacquer is applied to enhance durability and add a brilliant shine.
  • Quality Control: Post-repair, each wheel is subject to a comprehensive quality check to ensure the finish and durability meet our high standards.

Customisation and Style Options

We understand that style is personal, and we can customise your wheels’ finish to your specific preferences, ensuring they perfectly match the look and feel of your vehicle.

Why Choose Capital Alloys?

  • Expertise: Our technicians are experts in diamond cut repairs, bringing years of experience and precision to every wheel.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use only the latest in diamond cutting technology, ensuring flawless results every time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At Capital Alloys, exceeding your expectations is our goal. We’re committed to delivering exceptional quality and service.
  • Competitive Pricing: We believe in fair pricing for outstanding services, providing you with excellent value and craftsmanship.

Schedule Your Service

Elevate the look of your wheels with our professional diamond cut alloy repair services. Contact Capital Alloys today to learn more about our options or to schedule your service. Let us help you make a statement on the road with beautifully restored wheels!

We also carry out alloy wheel repairs and powder coating finishes for wheels that are not diamond cut too!